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Issue 18
A Culture Of Secrecy, Deception And Lies
Cites - An Animal Dealer's Charter?
Pet Cloning - Cruel To Animals And Humans
Whatever Happened To Oscar?
Urgent Appeal
Book Review : Animal Rights In South Africa
Vioxx Suit Faults Animal Tests
Half Of All Birth Defects Missed By Animal Tests
Science Cafe
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The Snout's HALL OF FAME

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Ardington, P.C. Past president of the South African Veterinary Council who believed that the veterinary profession in South Africa had a sound moral foundation. Has spent the past eight years on his Opus Magnus, updating the Veterinary Code of Practice. Snout 4,3; 15.3;16,3

Attfield, Derek. South Africa's own would-be Dr. Frankenstein who earned his fifteen minutes of fame when he demonstrated to You magazine that the human brain could live with blood supply to one side only. Snout 3,6

Austin, John. A modest little man, who has much to be modest about. Snout 12,8;15,4;16,2


Basson, Wouter. Mastermind of South Africa's Biological and Chemical Warfare programme, who modestly declined the coveted 1999 SAAV Vivisector of the Year award. Claimed to be an avowed Christian. Snout 5,2

Bester, Mike. Owner of the Bester Birds and Animals Zoo who was refused an application by the South African Airways to transport 12 marmosette monkeys to the infamous Charles River Labs in Miami. Snout 3,4.

BIOCON. Research Laboratory which opened up simultaneously with the closure of the Roodeplaat Research Labs (RRL), front for the South African Defence Force's Biological and Chemical Warfare programme. Three of Biocon's directors were ex RRL. Implicated in the bizarre story of Jackie the Chimp. Snout 2.4


Cohen, Alan. Sales and Marketing manager for the SABS, who was susceptible to short, sharp kicks. Snout 7,1.

Condy, P.R. Director of the Johannesburg Zoo which was implicated in the laundering of animals for the South African Defence Force's Biological and Chemical Warfare programme. Snout 2,1,2.

Coughbrough, Brough, Prof. Former Head of the Faculty of Veterinary Science and Chair of the South African Veterinary Council. Implicated in the Onderstepoort 'dog food' scandal. Snout 5,5


Davies, Brian. Director of Biocon, a private contract laboratory. Formerly from Wouter 'Dr. Death' Basson's Roodeplaat Research Laboratories. Snout 5,1

De Klerk, Willem, Prof. Veterinary surgeon and Head of the vivisection lab of the Medical University of South Africa. Had cruelty charges laid against him i.r.o. laboratory animals under his care. Served on the board of the South African Veterinary Council. Unable to distinguish primates from farm animals. Snout 13,1



Fourie, Leon, Prof. A pastor in the Christian Revival Church who takes time off from his duties at the University of the Free State in order to run his private 'secret lab in the bush' Clinvet International. Snout 6,6


Gevers, Wieland, Prof. Senior deputy vice-chancellor of the University of Cape Town. Waxed lyrical about the new multi-million rand biomedical research institute to be built at the University. Omitted to mention the fact that a baboon trapper from George had been commissioned to supply wild caught baboons, trapped in the last remaining indigenous forest in the Western Cape, as experimental models. Snout 11.1

Goosen, Daniel. Veterinarian and first Managing Director of the Roodeplaat Research Laboratory (RRL), front for South African Defence Force's BCW programme. Acquired chimpanzees through the Johannesburg zoo for experiments to "stop black people from breeding." Runs his own vivisection lab, since his conversion on the road to Pofadder. Currently vice-president of the South African Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences (SAALAS). Snout 2,1.4;14,1


Hofmeyr, Beyers, Prof. Former Dean of Onderstepoort Veterinary College who. worked on 'secret projects' with Wouter 'Dr. Death' Basson and defrauded his own son. Suggested that the Wits animal lab should be run as an animal hospital in order to 'stave off free access to lay persons organisations.' (anti-vivisectionists). Snout 3,5; 12,3

Howard-Fulton, Hector. United States Citizen who allegedly initiated a project to build an abattoir for the slaughter of wild caught baboons and the processing of their meat for human consumption. Snout 4, 6


Immelman, André, Prof. Member of the Board of the South African Veterinary Council, who proved that perjury is not perjury if you are a member of the S.A. Veterinary Council. Involved in cruel BCW experiments at the South African Defence Force's Roodeplaat with a view to poisoning 'enemies of the state'. Snout 3.1; 15,1


Julies, Eugene. President of the S.A. Bureau of Standards who employed a ghost to attend to his correspondence while bed and breakfasting abroad. Snout 7,2,7

Johannesburg Zoo. 'Laundered' chimpanzees for the Roodeplaat Research Laboratory's BCW programme by using the zoo-to-zoo transfer method. Snout 2.1.

Jordan, Pallo. Erstwhile Minister of Environment Affairs a.k.a. Pallo dit-laat-my-koud Jordan who wove a tangled web when he wrote conflicting letters regarding whether or not there was a moratorium on the export of baboons from South Africa.. Snout 4.4.5


Knobel, Dr. Neil. Apartheid general. "Practising Christian" who proved that old Calvinistic principles could go hand-in-hand with perjury. Sacked as chairman of a preliminary committee of inquiry of the Medical and Dental Professional Board, as a result of the TRC Commission's investigation into South Africa's CBW programme of which he was project manager. Snout 4, 7.; 15.1

Kriek-Brough Delights , a pet food named after members of the S.A. Veterinary Council. Snout 5,4,7,7


Labuschagne, Willie. Director of the Johannesburg Zoo which 'laundered' chimpanzees, by way of zoo- to-zoo transfer, for the S.A.Defence Force's secret BCW programme. Subsequently Head of the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa and President of the World Zoo Organisation. Snout 2,1; 5,4

Le Roux, Frans, Prof. Vice-dean of the University of the Free State of which the animal lab had emerged from the cottage industries. Refused to confirm whether or not they had an ethics committee. Snout 1, 1.


MacFadyen, Duncan. Collections manager of the mammals dept. at the Transvaal Museum who developed retrograde amnesia when Jackie the Chimp's name was mentioned. Snout 5, 2

Mattfield, Mark. Doyen of the collective unconscience of the Research Defence Society. Snout 11, 4

Medical Research Council who tried to confiscate camera evidence of cruelty to wild caught baboons. Snout 15,4;16,1

Melzer, Prof. From the Faculty of Veterinary Science at Onderstepoort. Formed part of a delegation to the Johannesburg Zoo, which was implicated in the laundering of animals destined for Biological and Chemical Warfare experiments at the Roodeplaat Research Laboratories. Snout 2,4

Meredith, Marcelle. Executive Director of the National Council of the S.P.C.A's who, when asked whether the NSPCA (represented on the ethics committee of the infamous Pretoria Biomedical Research Centre) had ever inspected the 'hellhole' in which the baboons had been incarcerated for years, at first declined to answer and then responded with a curt: 'we do not report to other organisations.' Snout 2,5.

Mitchell, Graham Prof. Veterinary surgeon and 'distinguished professor' at the Wits Medical School who covered up lab dog injuries and blamed activists for his deeds. Reported to Prof. Beyers Hofmeyr, Dean of the Onderstepoort Veterinary School, who had a close association with Brig. Wouter 'Dr. Death' Basson. Snout 12,1

Morgan Stanley, an American bank of which the London branch claimed they "couldn't give a shit about the bloody beagles" tortured at Huntingdon, "as long as they made money out of it." Snout 8,1.



Onderstepoort Veterinary School which was said to have developed a biological weapon capability for the South African Defence Force. Implicated in the 'dog food scandal' when it was uncovered that beloved companion animals, dogs, cats and horses, on being euthanased there, were turned into dog food, instead of being incinerated, as a cost saving exercise. The Snout 3,5; 5,4




Roodeplaat Research Laboratories (RRL). Front for the S.A.Defence Force's Biological and Chemical Warfare programme. Conducted experiments on baboons with a view to making Blacks impotent. Snout 1, 4.


South African Veterinary Council. Watchdog of veterinarians' ethics. Had links, through some members, with Wouter Basson's BCW programme. Refused to take action against vivisector and perjurer André Immelman, as 'his conduct had been in line with accepted international standards.' Snout 3, 1,2,3;15,1

South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) An organisation which experiments on animals. Claimed to be unable to afford more humane treatment of its own lab animals. Snout 7,1.

SPCA, Bloemfontein who caused a furore when they supplied the University of the Free State with pets for experiments, allegedly in exchange for thousands of rands. Snout 5, 5

Swanepoel, Wynand, dentist, former Managing Director of the Roodeplaat Research Laboratory (RRL). who claimed not to have known the true nature of the experiments conducted at this front for the S.A. Defence Force's BCW research programme. Now a 'fabulously rich' dentist Snout 1, 4





Wandrag, Stiaan. Formerly of the Roodeplaat Research Laboratories. Subsequently director of the Biocon Research Labs. Snout 5, 1




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