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Vet Council Continues to obfuscate
Local researchers question animal models
Does Dove give a Rats's *** ?
Proposed Code a 'Vivisector's Charter'
Who'll move the cheese ?
Enchantrix - now country-wide distribution
Vivisection retards medical progress
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      Animal activists are frequently confronted with the question "What are you doing about…….," this question often being posed over the dinner table by those who are busily tucking into what was previously a sentient being, with its own life, thoughts, joys and fears. Our response is usually: "Well, what are you doing about it?"
      These Draw-the-Liners are quite happy to see animals being sent to the slaughter houses (including horses that have spent their lives earning their keep and now deserve to be put to pasture) "as long as it is done humanely." How does one kill anybody, against their will, in a humane fashion?
      Or do you happen to be one of those 'sensitive' souls who can't bear to hear about the details of abuse, while actually creating a market for it by not shopping compassionately?
      The question we now have to ask is: "If not you, then who?"
      If you are not willing to go the whole hog, is it too much to ask that you at least cut out the cruellest forms of meat such as lamb, veal, pork and factory farmed chicken? Or better still just stick to fish, if a vegetarian diet is too much to ask for? Do you take care to buy only free- range eggs?       Are you prepared to accept animal torture for the sake of vanity, or do you select your cosmetics from the cruelty-free lines which are available and as enumerated in the SAAV's Compassionate Guide to Shopping? (
      If not, please spare me the question "What are you doing about…" And, above all, spare me the statement "I love animals" while keeping the exploitation going by creating a market for cruelty.

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