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Pet foods for the compassionate shopper
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We are often asked about cruelty-free dog foods that can be used in place of Iams and Eukanuba.

In order for a dog food to qualify for a listing on the International Compassionate Standard, there should be no invasive testing. Furthermore, palatability testing should be conducted in an animal's home environment, as is done by some overseas companies. When palatability testing is done at institutions where dogs are kenneled permanently, this is not considered invasive, but also not 'cruelty-free.'

In South Africa, so far, there are no dog foods we can recommend as meeting the International Compassionate Standard. To our knowledge there are only local products which fall within the ambit of 'less cruel.'

Vet's Choice and Master's Choice (unfortunate name - we are their guardians, not their masters) and appear to fall within the second, less cruel, group. We might add that there has been a change in Onderstepoort's pet foods testing regime. Dogs were rescued from the old small, dark, in-house kennels to which they were confined and relocated to kennels with long runs where they could exercise and socialise amongst themselves, communicating as a pack while in the kennels. They were also taken for walks and groomed by students on a roster basis. We commend Ondertepoort for instituting this change.

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