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Scandal at University of KZN research lab
What recognised primatologists say
Cruelty at Scottish lab exposed
Animal tested drugs killing people
Few Drugs are improvements
World Day for Laboratory Animals : 24th APRIL 2005
Huntingdon puppy abusers sentenced
Pet foods for the compassionate shopper
How animal friendly is Woolworths?
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South Africans were aghast after the re-screening on Carte Blanche of Hein Ungerer's award winning documentary Animals and the Law in South Africa.

We had many calls from outraged viewers asking about the fate of technicians at a British lab, shown punching and shaking beagle puppies who refused to stand still while having distressful procedures performed on them and are pleased to report as follows:

The technicians, Robert Waters and Andrew Marsh, admitted in court to charges of "cruelly terrifying" dogs (that was the legal charge) and sentenced to community service and costs of 250 each.

A too lenient sentence, many would say, but then the law is notoriously amiss when meting out punishment in cases of animal cruelty. No action was taken against the British lab in question, Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We thank the British Union of Anti-Vivisectionists for bringing this to the attention of the world by means of an undercover operation. Unfortunately this once against demonstrates the secrecy, deception and lack of accountability of the vivisection industry.

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