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A Culture Of Secrecy, Deception And Lies
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Pet Cloning - Cruel To Animals And Humans
Whatever Happened To Oscar?
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Book Review : Animal Rights In South Africa
Vioxx Suit Faults Animal Tests
Half Of All Birth Defects Missed By Animal Tests
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Legislation introduced in California will ban the sale and transfer of cloned and genetically modified pets.

The cloning of pets, a practice based on the exploitation of both humans and animals, exploits the emotions of individuals who have recently lost a beloved companion animal and who are duped into paying sums up to $50 000 for cloned copies.

But while promised that their new animals will look the same as the originals, they will not exhibit the same personality or behaviour. Instead, these animals will most likely suffer serious health problems, including physical deformities and/or die prematurely.

Pet cloning also involves the invasive use of other animals who are bought from animal dealers or shelters, used as surrogate mothers and forced to endure repeated hormone injections, surgical implantation of cloned embryos and Caesarian sections to remove the foetusus.

And as hundreds of animals suffer to 'produce' cloned pets, millions more languish in shelters in need of homes.

Source: Activate for Animals April 2005.      

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