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Issue 18
A Culture Of Secrecy, Deception And Lies
Cites - An Animal Dealer's Charter?
Pet Cloning - Cruel To Animals And Humans
Whatever Happened To Oscar?
Urgent Appeal
Book Review : Animal Rights In South Africa
Vioxx Suit Faults Animal Tests
Half Of All Birth Defects Missed By Animal Tests
Science Cafe
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Although Snout mainly addresses the issue of vivisection, there are also other matters that need a closer look at the story behind the fašade, especially where vested interests are concerned. Currently at the forefront of debate are 'canned' lions and culling of elephants, as well as the slaughter of South African seals. All these issues involve major cruelties and massive disinformation campaigns by those who profit from them. They concern our heritage, our wild life, which have a massive price placed upon their heads and, as a consequence, in many cases face extinction. These are all issues where public emotions are running high, not just in South Africa but also in overseas countries whence we draw our tourism. This industry is a major foreign exchange earner and creates much-needed jobs through eco-tourism. The wholesale slaughter of animals for greed are anathema to many of these visitors and have the potential of doing much harm to our lucrative tourism industry. Let's hope, therefore, that reason will prevail and that the government clamps down effectively on these cruel practices.      

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